Children learning at Kurji Holy Family Hospital - Patna, India


The Mia Sutphin Foundation is dedicated to supporting programs which benefit children in need, through focusing on direct healthcare and health outreach.

The Mia Sutphin Foundation (MSF) is a not-for-profit organization founded in memory of Mia Helene Sutphin. Mia was a registered nurse that
dedicated her life to caring for and lifting the spirits of young children living in some of the most desperate conditions in the world.
Today, Mia's spirit and good works continue through MSF, as we strive to support programs on the front lines of caring for children in serious need and their families. Since our inception in 2002, MSF has made more than 45 grants to organizations in the US and around the world.
If you are interested in contributing to MSF, you can do so electronically by clicking on the following link or you can mail contributions MSF at the above noted address. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Mia's foundation.
When Mia passed away,
even amidst the grief, there was a growing understanding
that her work should go on.
Mia, her brother Michael, and sister, Alison had often speculated about the day they could start a charitable organization of their own.  They wanted to help children, educate young, single parents and provide a safe haven for nurturing and fostering family growth. It dawned on us in the days after Mia’s death that these were not just musings, but seeds that quickly burst forth into the knowledge that we could start a foundation with similar goals in Mia’s name.
In 2003, we established the Mia Sutphin Foundation (MSF). The Foundation allows more flexibility in both fundraising and distribution.  MSF is recognized as a 501(c)(3) public charity by the Internal Revenue Service. MSF is governed by a board of directors comprised of Mia's six siblings and more than seven members outside of the Sutphin family. The board accomplishes this through the distribution, fundraising, communications and finance sub-committees. The most essential of these roles on the board is the annual grant decision process.
The Foundation’s long-term goal is to build the principal balance in order to create a perpetual fund, making distributions from Foundation income. 
In the short term, distributions will be made from both principal and interest. We are truly excited about the infinite possibilities the Mia Sutphin Foundation provides in giving opportunities to so many children in need, many of which Mia devoted her life to supporting.  The idea of carrying on Mia’s mission is what drives us to build her Foundation into an organization that is truly committed to helping others. Thank you for helping us to accomplish so much.