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The News from Your Neighbors page is a forum for Dunloggin residents to share neighborhood information and announcements, as well as, local insights.
Is someone in your family interested in offering services to neighbors? Know of a new restaurant? Want to plug your next garage sale?

To submit this type of valuable, community-building information, use the form to the right and the news will be posted to this page (below) as soon as possible.  

Recent Neighbor Postings: 
Bike-to-Work Day, Friday, May 15th
Bike-to-Work Day promotes a “clean commute” and kicks off Clean Commute Month in the Baltimore region. Consider riding your bike to work and help chip away at the dangerous ozone-emission pollution in the Baltimore area. There is a local rally at The Mall in Columbia from 7-8:30am. Get more info here:

Fresh Milk and Eggs Delivered to Your Door

If you would like farm-fresh milk, eggs, cheese and vegetables delivered to your house, South Mountain Creamery has a delivery route through the Dunloggin neighborhood. They have an online ordering system that is very easy to use and are always introducing new items. The URL is 

What to make for dinner? Reservations! You can still go out to eat during tough times:

Local automobile repair, close by: 410-465-3965 ask for Jim

Looking for a great selection of fresh seafood? A jewel in Jessup: 410-799-5960

The President and his family enjoy dining at Jesse Wongs Asean Bistro! They have enteratinment as well, and prices are reasonable, truly gourmet.
8775 Centre Park Drive, Columbia, MD 21045
Tel: (410) 772-5300 - Fax: (410) 772-5304